Last Day in Japan

Sorry for the super late update peeps, been really busy with my school (and video games too, Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken FTW) these days. And I’m having tests for the whole of this week. But I managed to squeeze some time to write this post!

In any case, this will be a super short post with just a few pictures, since it’s the last day and we spent the whole day in Shibuya doing last min shopping and exploring.

And the pictures after the break!

Went around taking some final pics of Shibuya

KFC in Japan is so different!
Shibuya 109 with KPOP girl group After School picture plastered over it. Awesome.
Time to go back to Singapore, waiting the train in Shibuya train station and saw this Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE ad. Very nice ad and I love the CM too.
Reached Haneda Airport, even Galaxy Nexus ads are here.
Very very nice and sleek airport!
My last meal in Japan before going back.
The food street in the airport looks like the old traditional Japanese streets. I like!
A Hello Kitty shop in the airport
A shop that sells anime related stuffs, and ONE PIECE!!! Haha so cute!
The COOLEST toilet that I had ever seen in my life. Even the button for the flush glows! Sorry peeps, I couldn't resist not taking a picture of it!!!
Even the toilet door is different
Different explanations on how to wash your butt in 4 different languages!
There's even this board...for changing clothes if you want to. This is pretty smart
Will never see these kind of big cigarette boxes in Singapore.
Last drink in Japan before going back to Singapore. My always awesome hot royal milk tea!!!
In the observation dock, which is really coooooldddddd
Some random plane. And it's time for us to go home! I WILL BE BACK SOMEDAY! HOPEFULLY THIS YEAR!!!

And that’s it for my Japan trip series! Sorry that it took me so long to complete these Japan Trip series! I had enjoyed a lot in Japan, and will definitely go back there sometime this year. I’m currently studying Japanese as well, took up classes and been studying for 3 months (1 lesson (3 hours) a week though). Just finished learning Hirgana last week and will continue to brush up my Hirgana, it’s not easy ok!

In any case, hope that you had enjoyed taking out your time in reading my posts, really really appreciate it! :D

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One thought on “Last Day in Japan

  1. You should have been on ebay when i had my sales going. I sold both Mass Effects and Street Fighter vs Tekken for both consoles for $35 free shipping.

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