Day 6 in Japan

Alright finally the pictures and breakdown of my trip in Japan at the 6th day!

We spent in Nikko at the whole of that day. Was pretty tired so I decided to visit this place on the 2nd last day of my trip. We reached the place at around 12:30pm and it’s too late to visit the waterfall areas, only managed to visit the temples. Very sad face :(

Description of this place:,_Tochigi

It’s a beautiful place where it’s famous for it’s waterfall and beautiful temples. Many beautiful pictures after the break!

So we went to Asakusa train station from Shibuya Station (Ginza line) and took a special kind of train (SPACIA, not bullet train) to Nikko, if I remembered correctly the train took 2 to 3 hours to reach Nikko. Was a long journey that’s for sure.

Enjoying the view from my train, Singapore has totally NOTHING compared to this

This greeted us when we stepped outside the train station in Nikko. There's a little snowing too

Damn I wonder how old is this tree already
This signboard is amazing lol

Just beautiful and feels really peaceful

Old map of the temple
The famous three wise monkeys. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.
The entrance to a famous Shogun's temple

Brain freezzzeeeeeee
:O You guys must be wondering why is there so many modern beers in this temple?
They are to represent these lol
Odd seeing just a Sakura tree in a middle of nowhere, but it's really beautiful though!
Was really hungry (and cold too) so we decided to pop by a ramen store to have some hot ramen!
A really small ramen restaturant (I was standing not seating :P) but really cozy, I like!
Another entrance to a shrine!

Write your wishes in a piece of paper and tie it up over here
Just epic
This is the famous Toshogu Shrine, it's been unknown which year this bridge was built, obviously a few hundred years ago though

Absolutely breathtaking

Exploring the entire place
LOL this made my day ;)
Wonder how old is this telephone booth
Fire Station :)
I will definitely be back to visit this place again. I have yet to visit the Kegon Waterfall and Lake Chuzenji. I WILL BE BACK!!! :P
Last picture of the day, my dinner! Everything is raw here except the rice ^^ In fact I think that this is the best meal I had in Japan, the tuna and salmon are so fresh, but really expensive though. This bowl costs like 1100 yen @.@

Hope that this post give you a feel of how beautiful Nikko is, and I only explored half of it, there’s still many many things I have yet to see in Nikko. Just not enough time :(

In any case, hope that you guys enjoyed this post! I will be posting the final day pictures (really little though) tomorrow and hopefully the FFXIII-2 review as well. Stay tuned peeps! ;)

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