Day 5 in Japan

First of all, Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone would have a brighter year ahead and be healthy always!

In Day 5, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market > Shin-Ōkubo (Korean Town) > Tokyo Tower > Shinjuku. Quite a happening day for us, as the whole day is quite rushed for us. We didn’t really have enough time to explore Shinjuku, as we wanted to see the night scenery from Tokyo Tower.

So without further ado, all of the pictures and details of Day 5 after the break!

Arrived at the Tsukiji Fish Market!

Many people at this fish market, it's a tourist attraction as well.


Lots of Sushi Knifes

I had the BEST Unagi here! They cut it into small pieces and put it on a stick, and barbecue it. When you eat on it it's so tender and fresh!
And just beside the unagi store, Pork Cubes on a stick, and he will dip it into some kind of sauce and IT'S FANTASTIC. My gawd i love it!!!
Huge squids :O
Huge fish
More seafood
Not only it sells fish, it sells pork meat as well
Many many peopleeeeeee

And we ate Sushi for breakfast! First time eating sushi for breakfast, feels so goood
The prices of the Sushi in different plates
Many different kind of Sushi that I haven't tried before in Singapore, and the fish are so fresh and tasty! Too bad it's kinda ex but it's worth it!
This is the Sushi Restaurant that we dine in, apparently it's quite a famous restaurant as well
More people at the outskirts of the market
People queuing up for some food
I always wanted to try this, eating while standing up at the roadside, hot ramen together with the cold weather. Fantastic!

After the amazing exprience that I had in the fish market, it's time for some shopping at Shin-Okubu! The famous Korean Town in Japan, where you can find tons and tons of KPOP related items and Korean related stuffs here! If you're a major KPOP fan and happen to me in Tokyo, you MUST visit this place
Everybody queuing up for this restaurant, wonder why?
Is it because the food is nice? Really?
Apparently it's because famous Korean idols like SNSD visited this restaurant as well, this explains the crowd.
Many more Korean Idols visit this restaurant too
Another KPOP store
And another

Seohyun from SNSD spotted!
Pancakes with Egg. Very very nice! And not to mention this guy made the flour and everything in this small vehicle of his. Wonder how he did it.

After all of the exploring and buying stuffs in Shin-Okubu, it's getting dark soon and we will be on the way to Tokyo Tower. Right after we step out of the train station we are greeted with this fantastic view of Tokyo Tower

It's breathtaking, really

The elevator for the Main Observatory Level, which is at 150 metres. There's a level called Special Observatory Level, which is at 250 metres. We paid 800yen to go up to the main level, and another 600yen to go up to the special level. Talk about ripping money, Tokyo Tower does it best. But it's the kind of money that i would gladly pay for though. We waited 40 mins for our turn to enter the Special level

Tokyo is so damn beautiful, especially at night <3
Rainbow Bridge

Managed to take a solo shot of myself!
After taking lots of pictures we went and have our dinner at the basement level of Tokyo Tower, and went straight to Shinjuku

Many street musicans performing at the streets of Shinjuku
Entered the red light district of Shinjuku

Lots of Hostess clubs
Many store empolyes here approached me to visit their clubs, of course i said no :P

Back to Shinjuku Station, world busiest train station. Even over here i can see guys in suits approaching girls for some reasons....

And that’s it for Day 5 in Japan! Quite many pictures eh? The whole day is a tiring one but we managed to see lots of things instead! Look forward to Day 6 yeah??!!! :D

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