Day 4 in Japan

In Day 4, we went to Oedo Onsen Monogatari, aka Hot Spring theme park. A really fantastic place to chill and relax. After that we went to Akihahabra, which we only spent 4 hours there, quite wasted as I didn’t get to try out the Gundam Cafe :(

Was quite a short day, since it’s pretty tiring for the past 3 days so we took the chance to take it slow for Day 4 ;)

In any case, pictures after the break!

The Hot Spring theme park entrance
The train station that i alighted was called "Telecom Center" Station, that explains the many huge and tall buildings around

I don't see this flavor in Singapore
Nothing beats drinking a hot can of Milk Coca when in the cold!
Me in a Yutaka. There are 10 kinds of Yukata to choose from, but only 3 designs to choose from for guys
Totally reminds me of the game "Yakuza"
Very pretty place, totally love the atmosphere
There's even mini games for you to try out, like the ones you see in animes :D

Even saw Senjou Basara related stuffs here
And after the hot spring, we went to the famous electric town! Straight away went to Yodobashi Camera
Megastore indeed
There's a transformers event at Yodobashi Camera, because of the launch of Transformers 3 Blu-ray and DVD
What a beautiful car, wish to have one!
Akihabara is BEAUTIFUL at night!

Even the smoking longue is cool!
A Japanese girl portaying the ghost Sudoku, her friend even asked her is she alright, because she didn't speak or anything LOL.
A really huge PC Store. And Battlefield 3!!!
One of the most awesome place in Japan for men
If you are wondering did i went in, yes i went in. And my mind was blown at the amount of content it has! Really crazy, 7 floors of JAV. There's like at least ten of thousands of DVDs and Blu-rays in it!

A maid convincing a guy to visit a maid cafe
Really huge Club Sega arcade

That’s it for Day 4! Like i said it’s a relaxing day so there are not many pictures. Really a waste stay in Akihabara for only 4 hours though….will definitely spend like a day worth with my next visit! And look forward to my Day 5 post!

3 thoughts on “Day 4 in Japan

  1. Lots of pictures, me like. We (JD) are dedicating at least 3 days for Akihabara at the END of our trip to ensure we don’t blow all our cash by impulse buying everything. Probably better that way. Also I’m really glad that Battlefield made it’s way to Japan. Excellent game if you love FPS (don’t even dare compare this to MW3!)


      1. Just sent a friend invite. Not sure if we can play together since we are probably from different regions therefore epic lag. Anyways, UnicornBlood reporting for duty!

        -See you on the Battlefield, Jeff

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