In Japan Day 2 & 3

As for day 2, we went to 2 theme parks, Disneyland and Fuji-Q Island (Best amusement park in Japan and probably one of the best in the world)

I would say i was kinda disappointed in Disneyland because of the attractions are too “kiddy” for me, and we went there early in the morning waiting for the theme park to open, so we queued up but it was drizzling and the weather is really really cold.

As for Fuji-Q I had a blast there, never had so much fun before! If you love roller coasters you would definitely want to visit this theme park! You can see Mt.Fuji at full view while riding the roller coasters. How cool is that??!! And not to mention there’s a  Evangelion themed showroom with a 1:1 scale robot (head), Sengoku Basara themed ride and a Gundam themed ride as well. Well not exactly rides but mini-games. ;)

So enough with the words and let me show you the pictures! Pictures after the break

The Disney castle in Disneyland
Many people in Disneyland despite coming here at it's opening times. Lots of young (and hot) mothers too!
One of the attraction includes the late Michael Jackson
My lunch in Disneyland. This bloody piece of pizza slice costs 800 yen (with a set with tea and a few cookies)
There's a Star Wars attraction as well! Quite interesting
In a Ramen Restaurant in Shibuya, very cramped and small but cozy place
Always wanted to do this but can't in Singapore :)
Tasty Ramen!!!
Look at this gigantic Ramen bowl, my friend (Jasper) upsized it. Goshhhhh

And that’s the end of Day 2. That’s very little pictures right? As i said i am quite disappointed in Disneyland so i didn’t really take any photos there. Now move on to Day 3 as there’s a ton of pictures instead!

Took the bus from Shinjuku to Fuji-Q Island. The ticket includes the bus ride to Fuji-Q and back to Shinjuku with the theme park's ticket as well. Total it costs 6,500 yen. Pretty reasonable if you ask me!
Was super excited when i saw Mt.Fuji in the bus!
And here it is, the absolutely beautiful Mt.Fuji
Japanese and their Engrish

You will have to take a picture from a machine where you insert your tickets (obtained from the ticket counter) and in return you will get this pass. Do not lose this pass as it allows you to ride most of the rides in Fuji-Q for free
Most advanced coffee/tea/milk vending machine i had ever seen. It has a touch screen too.
The first roller coaster that i took, the high speed roller coaster. It boosts at the start to obtain 172km/h. I seriously love the SPEED. So god damn awesome!
The specs of the super faster roller coaster.
This roller coaster is the one featured recently in June where it has a 120 degrees of down slope. The newest attraction in this theme park. Long queues for it despite going there early!
As you look at this picture, the roller coaster does a series of loops and turns BEFORE reaching this part, where it goes up 90 degrees, stop at the top, and goes down 120 degrees. AWESOME fun

90 degrees up
Stops at the top for roughly 10 seconds
And down! Definitely not for the faint hearted!
The 3rd kind of roller coaster that we took. And it just keeps getting better. This roller coaster has a maximum speed of 126km/h, and it has the world's most rolls in a roller coaster, 14 times in a ride. And sometimes it spins till you're facing the back of the opposite direction of the roller coaster. And it's scary when you don't know which part it's gonna turn next. Love this ride so much!
And the last roller coaster that we took, which will be the BEST roller coaster that i had taken in my entire life. It achieves a maximum speed of 130km/h, has the longest ride time (2mins+) and it's old. Yeah it's scary when the roller coaster is like 10 over years old. It makes some noises when you won't want to hear when you're at the top, like 79m high above the ground. King of Coasters indeed.
Didn't managed to take this ride as it doesn't look that hot compared to the rest! But looks cool enough though!
Evagelion World attraction

Just like Shinji's Dad in the anime and movie ;)
More Engrish
I was like WOAH when i first saw this

NERV pass reader machine. This is cool ;)
Just like in the anime
Now is is what i call AWESOME
Even the "blood" is present

Ah, finally the haunted hospital. The scariest PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN LOL. This attraction would need 500 yen even though you have the free pass.
One of the staff
And this body greeted me when i first step into this attraction

This place first introduce you a video, with a story telling us that this hospital was used as a experiemental place, and the doctors and nurses died one by one. And the whole place is HUGE, it has 3 stories and you would keep walking up and down, like a maze. Each group was given a torchlight and around at the half of the whole attraction you would need to surrender your torchlight and navigate the place without the torchlight. And you go by groups. The staffs would make hissing and zombie-kind of voices and attempt to run towards you. Scary shit. I hear many Japanese girls screaming in this attraction! Perfect place to bring your girlfriend here, but be warned as you will definitely be scared too haha!

Breathtaking view of Mt.Fuji
This is my favorite picture out of all of my Japan trip pictures. I had this picture as my facebook's timeline banner profile picture page too :P
A Gundam attraction. It has a mini-game to play, it's interesting!
And at the end, before going out you will be greeted with this Gundam shop where it sells like almost every Gundam figure that you can find

A yokai (stands for a kind of Japanese folklore demon)
And it has a ice skating rig too. Love the Christmas lights, beautiful~~

This sign is funny, although i don't understand Japanese (yet, taking Japanese classes from the start of next month) the kanji are in Chinese characters too, making the meaning similiar. The board stands for those that have played the Fuji-Q attraction rides will encounter a number of effects, which one including "mental illness" rofl
Fuji-Q entrance at night
Last picture of the day, this was taken outside of Shibuya's train station. This girl sings REALLY REALLY WELL. When i was walking down the stairs i thought i heard a singer singing over the radio, but it turns out to be her. Man her voice is really good!!! Japanese are so talented

Well this is it, and as usual peeps, look forward to Day 4! :D

2 thoughts on “In Japan Day 2 & 3

  1. I’ve always thought that Disney Land would be overrated and target a younger audience. I suppose I can stick to that thought but I’ve never heard of Fuji-Q before. I’ve always wanted to go see Mt Fuji but I’ve never really figured out a way to do so. That’s it. I’m the hugest baby when it comes to scary things and I’ve had bad experiences with rides in the past, I’m sure I can muster up some courage and go on a few. I suppose the 100km/hr ride I’m going to tomorrow would be the first stepping stone. Wish me luck. I’m looking forward to reading more of your experiences and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


    1. Hey thanks for the comment! Haha good luck for your 100km/hr ride, it’s definitely gonna be fun~ And yeah Disneyland is way overrated, Fuji-Q is be better!

      You too have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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