Running Man (Korean Variety Show)

Sorry for the few updates these past few months, nothing really much has happened to me except for playing more games and doing some usual stuffs. Anyway i have been watching this Korean Variety Show recently (been converting this show to my iPod Touch and watching in camp) and it’s super hilarious, and the MC of this show? Jae-Suk of course ;)

Some info if you guys don’t know who is Jae-Suk, he’s the top comedian in South Korea and is a very very famous guy. He’s super funny and it’s always fun to watch a show with him in it. I get to know this person when watching Family Outing, it’s also another hilarious Variety Show but the show has ended a few months ago.

You guys can check this Variety Show out in wiki:

Website to download this variety show after the break

And if you want to download this show with subs, visit this website: They are the one responsible for subbing this show, and they are awesome ;)

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