Last Day in Japan

Sorry for the super late update peeps, been really busy with my school (and video games too, Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken FTW) these days. And I’m having tests for the whole of this week. But I managed to squeeze some time to write this post!

In any case, this will be a super short post with just a few pictures, since it’s the last day and we spent the whole day in Shibuya doing last min shopping and exploring.

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Day 6 in Japan

Alright finally the pictures and breakdown of my trip in Japan at the 6th day!

We spent in Nikko at the whole of that day. Was pretty tired so I decided to visit this place on the 2nd last day of my trip. We reached the place at around 12:30pm and it’s too late to visit the waterfall areas, only managed to visit the temples. Very sad face :(

Description of this place:,_Tochigi

It’s a beautiful place where it’s famous for it’s waterfall and beautiful temples. Many beautiful pictures after the break!

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Day 5 in Japan

First of all, Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone would have a brighter year ahead and be healthy always!

In Day 5, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market > Shin-Ōkubo (Korean Town) > Tokyo Tower > Shinjuku. Quite a happening day for us, as the whole day is quite rushed for us. We didn’t really have enough time to explore Shinjuku, as we wanted to see the night scenery from Tokyo Tower.

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Day 4 in Japan

In Day 4, we went to Oedo Onsen Monogatari, aka Hot Spring theme park. A really fantastic place to chill and relax. After that we went to Akihahabra, which we only spent 4 hours there, quite wasted as I didn’t get to try out the Gundam Cafe :(

Was quite a short day, since it’s pretty tiring for the past 3 days so we took the chance to take it slow for Day 4 ;)

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In Japan Day 2 & 3

As for day 2, we went to 2 theme parks, Disneyland and Fuji-Q Island (Best amusement park in Japan and probably one of the best in the world)

I would say i was kinda disappointed in Disneyland because of the attractions are too “kiddy” for me, and we went there early in the morning waiting for the theme park to open, so we queued up but it was drizzling and the weather is really really cold.

As for Fuji-Q I had a blast there, never had so much fun before! If you love roller coasters you would definitely want to visit this theme park! You can see Mt.Fuji at full view while riding the roller coasters. How cool is that??!! And not to mention there’s a  Evangelion themed showroom with a 1:1 scale robot (head), Sengoku Basara themed ride and a Gundam themed ride as well. Well not exactly rides but mini-games. ;)

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In Japan Day 1

So yeah i will be posting pictures and details of what i have been doing in my 6 days Japan trip. Went to Japan with 2 of my very good Army buddies and my Dad. Was a very awesome yet tiring trip, managed to see tons of stuffs and i am afraid i still have tons of stuffs to see, so yeap no doubt i will be going back to Japan again!

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Just came back from Tokyo!

Hi peeps! It’s been awhile since i last updated my blog! I just came back from my 6 days Japan trip and i have lots of stuffs to share. I had uploaded all the pictures that i have taken on my facebook, but will be detailing more info on the pictures over here (I even bought a PS Vita). Will be updating this blog in the next few days, so be sure to check it out!

And not to mention my Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3 review too! Kinda lazy to write these 2 reviews but i will definitely do it!

Battlefield 3 Review

So after like 3 weeks (yes i know it’s been really long since my last update) finally i have the time to write a review on the games that i had played recently. I will review Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3 in the upcoming days as these are the games that i had recently played (and had a blast with it).

So yeah, one of the most anticipated game of the year has released, Battlefield 3. Btw add me on Battlefield 3 if you guys wanna play with me!

Here’s my Battlelog page:

It exceeded all of my expectations from a video game, it’s just fantastic. Battlefield 3 has a new standard for gaming. Full review (image heavy) after the break Continue reading